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May 4, 2011

Just in the middle of what is almost nowhere, there is the smell of fresh fish, capers, tomatoes, sundried wine… and fried-full-of-calories-but-never-regreted kalamari. We are talking about the fish restaurant “The Dolphins”.

Costas and Fanis took the family restaurant and transformed it to a lovely  all-seasons celebrity traditional restaurant. fresh from the net!

Everyone knows the place and it is difficult to find someone never had been there. With fresh local fish and excellent house wine, greek tapas (meze) cooked from chef Vagelitsa and the wave under your feet you will have the most sea-salt experience!

We recommend to visit the place after your swim and sun-bath in Red Beach, as it is only 200 m away.

@Akrotiri village (down to the RedBeach Road) tel: +3022860 81151


kali oreksi!

May 4, 2011

steamed crabs! excellent!!

  There is an expression in Greek: “καλή όρεξη” (kali oreksi) literary means : have a good appetite.

Greeks use it always before their lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast.

Here we will talk about food.. and the culinary streets of Santorini.

we will explore all the secret paths of taste and art

we will travel together in the most yummy! destination of the most beautiful island.

Enjoy your stay.. and your meal!