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Akrotiri is located on the Southwest end  of Santorini. Famous for the ruins of a prehistoric civilisation connected with Minoans, and the wild RedBeach, the village is a “stranger” to tourists and locals. Away from the touristic confusion and madness Akrotiri combines pleasure and leisure with nature  and tradition.

With its population counts 450 individuals, the actual village is built on the top of a cliff with small white houses surrounding its castle. During the medieval era Akrotiri was one of the 3 fortifications of the Santorini and untill 1336 was under the Duchy of Naxos and the Gozzadini family untill 1617, then passes to Ottoman empire.

Akrotiri has different landmarks worth visit like Palos, the lighthouse and its beautiful sunset, the RedBeach and the Castle.

You can stop in the village, have a walk through the small streets and explore the everyday life through the aromas and the colours of the flowers everywhere.

The way to the lighthouse is long and a walk from the village there is not an option for those not used to. However, if you want to experience the south part of the village (where the Lighthouse is), bring lots of water with you , some snacks, a good pair of shoes and walk along the caldera. On your way to the Lighthouse you will find small restaurants and a cafe with volcano and caldera view. Be aware though, after the sun goes down the lights are not good… the road is difficult and its windy!! (so i think is better to rent an ATV or a Car or a Scooter just for that day!!!!).

The lighthouse was built in 1892 during the Ottoman empire from the French company La Société Collas et Michel. In 1925 was renovated, and during the WWII stopped his operation and from 1945 continues.

During summer time Akrotiri is great destination for swimming and late lunch. The most famous destination is RedBeach. Its near the ruins of the Prehistoric Civilisation (that is closed since 2005 due to Health and Safety reasons). The access to RedBeach is on foot, or by boat and the red-cliff is the reason of its name (RedBeach). From there you can take the boat and go to the White Beach (access only by boat).

Southern of Akrotiri, on the way to the Lighthouse you will find Mesa Pigadia Beach. The access is difficult cause the road is not well opened yet.

There is also Apothekes  the only beach of Santorini facing the volcano.

The village has lots of churches and almost everyday there is a fest. If you be there mid of August do not forget to visit Panagia Kimisi (15th of August). This day is celebrating all over the Cyclades and it is huge to Akrotiri with the folklore group dancing at lunch time.
During your stay in the Village do not forget to have late lunch or Early dinner at the fish restaurant along the Southeast of the Village (on the way to RedBeach) or traditional Santorini dishes along the small taverns in the main square.
If you want a cocktail do not hesitate to visit one of the Hotels and have a drink by the pool. There is no caldera view, but it is relaxing!
We will explore together all the small hidden places of Akrotiri and we will keep you posted with new paths and attractions.
enjoy your stay!
the crocus team
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