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July 21, 2011

First time ive seen them i was 2 in my garden….and i was helping them to move faster…
Then i was  6 when i realize that you find them in the fields after the rain….

At the Age of 10 it was the fisrt time ive seen them cooked…and i was shocked! Shocked to see people using toothpicks and go inside the shell of a snail…

I love sea-shells.. but with snails… it was way out of my appetite…

Years later a posh-cozy-hippy-chic cretan tapas bar in Athens was serving “Kochlious BourBouristous” that actually means Escargot “Coocked” with Salt and Fire… and I had my try!
And then I had Escargot Stifado (with onions and red strong sauce) ….

Escargot is not something I adore.. I will never cook them.. cause im lazy….
but I will always order a portion (if  i know where they are from)!

If you are in Santotini and you found in your menu Escargot please ask from which farm they are from…
Supporting Local products you support local development.. Santorini Escargot is a local farm providing local restaurant with local Escargot Products and recipes’ advice… Having in mind that in the 16th c BC the Prehistoric Santorini People used to love Escargot since archaeologists have found traces of Escargot, we are able to say that tasting Escargot from Local Farms as Santorini Escargot you taste the flavor of the past!

Always be aware of what you eat…

Always be informed of the Local products….

And do not let people take advantage on you….




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