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Ammos… the most tasty chill out excuse in Perivolos

May 31, 2011

Ammos is the Greek for sand.. .

Sand is the word represents SUMMER… along with: sunscreen and carrot-oil.. beach rackets and 6-packs… aunties and children… topless and tangas… love and envy…. splash!  (from the sea) and oof! (cause of the hot weather).

Here in Santorini sand is strange… looks more like gravel.. and you can find it everywhere on your way back home/room (somewhere between sculp and hair, inside your swim wear, inside your beach bag… on your feet…)

On the other hand Ammos… is not strange… Ammos is amazing! Ammos is a small (not like gravel) nice fish-tapas-greek-local-cosy-beach restaurant… Fresh fish and excellent tapas… made from local (they try) products trying to keep not the tradition but the authenticity and the volcanic character of Santorini!

What makes Ammos unique?

is not the fact that you can enjoy a full day by the sea (they have beach-beds and you can enjoy coffes or mezzes while you sun bathing..)

is not the fact that you can enjoy tasty main course dishes and fresh cooked mediterrenean cuisine…

is not the fact that the prices for the “superior class” service and food are LOW…

is not the fact that the sea is awesome (if you can swim)

is the fact that you enjoy your holidays with the most friendly people in Perivolos Beach.. They love their place and they want you to love it !

When you’ ll be there … try the Ammos salad with true santorini zucchini (they are in season), pickled caper leaves (they are always wild and in season) and santorini tomatoes (they are about to be in season!). Also ask for the fish of the day, and other daily surprises…

although I am not a dessert person (especially summer time) while you order try to make some space for the “Lemon mousse” and some coffeee….


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