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July 21, 2011

First time ive seen them i was 2 in my garden….and i was helping them to move faster…
Then i was  6 when i realize that you find them in the fields after the rain….

At the Age of 10 it was the fisrt time ive seen them cooked…and i was shocked! Shocked to see people using toothpicks and go inside the shell of a snail…

I love sea-shells.. but with snails… it was way out of my appetite…

Years later a posh-cozy-hippy-chic cretan tapas bar in Athens was serving “Kochlious BourBouristous” that actually means Escargot “Coocked” with Salt and Fire… and I had my try!
And then I had Escargot Stifado (with onions and red strong sauce) ….

Escargot is not something I adore.. I will never cook them.. cause im lazy….
but I will always order a portion (if  i know where they are from)!

If you are in Santotini and you found in your menu Escargot please ask from which farm they are from…
Supporting Local products you support local development.. Santorini Escargot is a local farm providing local restaurant with local Escargot Products and recipes’ advice… Having in mind that in the 16th c BC the Prehistoric Santorini People used to love Escargot since archaeologists have found traces of Escargot, we are able to say that tasting Escargot from Local Farms as Santorini Escargot you taste the flavor of the past!

Always be aware of what you eat…

Always be informed of the Local products….

And do not let people take advantage on you….





Akrotiri Goes Organic * K.A.R.M.E.N

July 20, 2011


OK… its fun and easy to eat out on your vocations/ holidays or whaterver you want to call them.. but what about the nostalgy you fell each time you see the photos of the tasty tomatos, the yummy fava, the deep rubin Visanto? On your way to the Red Beach just opossite Glaros (the restaurant we talked earlier) you will find the solution! Arsenios and Rafael work all year long in the field and produce 100% organic products found only in Santorini. SunKissed and SunDried Tomatos, Tomato or Fig Jam, Pickled Caper Flowers and Pickled Caper Leaves, the Visanto, Wild Santorini Honey (unique in taste) and of course the Fava beans (uncooked!!!!)


Everyday you will find something different and according to the season you will find different preservation of every product!
Do not Hesitate to ask for recipes and OF COURSE TO TASTE their products! (the tomato jam is my favorite)

Akrotiri- Red Beach


The Cave of Nicolas! its not primitive….

July 19, 2011

When the case is : easy-going-tasty-funny-relax lunch/dinner.. i always take my friends (and everyone) there! 2-3 or 4 and more to come Gourmet Awards and tomato balls close to my grandmas recipe … with fresh fish.. and groceries straight from the field… and if you are lucky enough you will see horses “taking their bath” in the sea!
If Santorini is THE place to visit
Cave of Nicolas is the Place to eat!!

Akrotiri Beach- RedBeach Pier
+30 22860 82303- 04

Ammos… the most tasty chill out excuse in Perivolos

May 31, 2011

Ammos is the Greek for sand.. .

Sand is the word represents SUMMER… along with: sunscreen and carrot-oil.. beach rackets and 6-packs… aunties and children… topless and tangas… love and envy…. splash!  (from the sea) and oof! (cause of the hot weather).

Here in Santorini sand is strange… looks more like gravel.. and you can find it everywhere on your way back home/room (somewhere between sculp and hair, inside your swim wear, inside your beach bag… on your feet…)

On the other hand Ammos… is not strange… Ammos is amazing! Ammos is a small (not like gravel) nice fish-tapas-greek-local-cosy-beach restaurant… Fresh fish and excellent tapas… made from local (they try) products trying to keep not the tradition but the authenticity and the volcanic character of Santorini!

What makes Ammos unique?

is not the fact that you can enjoy a full day by the sea (they have beach-beds and you can enjoy coffes or mezzes while you sun bathing..)

is not the fact that you can enjoy tasty main course dishes and fresh cooked mediterrenean cuisine…

is not the fact that the prices for the “superior class” service and food are LOW…

is not the fact that the sea is awesome (if you can swim)

is the fact that you enjoy your holidays with the most friendly people in Perivolos Beach.. They love their place and they want you to love it !

When you’ ll be there … try the Ammos salad with true santorini zucchini (they are in season), pickled caper leaves (they are always wild and in season) and santorini tomatoes (they are about to be in season!). Also ask for the fish of the day, and other daily surprises…

although I am not a dessert person (especially summer time) while you order try to make some space for the “Lemon mousse” and some coffeee….


dance and music festival Red Beach, Akrotiri

May 13, 2011

I would like to call this thing… Dancing under the stars!

Officially it is called “Traditional Dance Festival” but i’m sure that i would not be just Traditional Dance Groups!!

when: Saturday Night. at 20.00 on where: your way to Red Beach… (st Nicolas church)…

there will be 7 dance groups, and music…

even if you are on foot.. take the last bus from Fira (at 19.30) and then a taxi back to your hotel!!

ps if you are hungry..before or after the festival there are plenty of restaurant on the main village and even more on the way to Red Beach! for any questions… comment!!!!!!
UPDATE: I would like to thank all of you for coming … the others that never did it… here..  some pictures…

άγιος επιφάνιος like we say.. sant Epiphany (photos to be updated)

May 10, 2011

When: 12th May Morning  Where: Akrotiri Western Square

What: just before  the end of the service  Priest and  folk holding the Holy Icon of St Epiphany are walking around the village like a religious parade. Bells are ringing and everyone is praying. It is not as religious as it sounds but it is culturally interesting.

The church is the only St Epiphany’s church in the Island and  one of the Oldest in Akrotiri. Locals and people from other villages are waiting for this festival all over the year and it is the first of the Three Main religous Festivals in Akrotiri (May 12th st Epiphany, May 29th st Theodosia, 15th August Assumption of Mary).

While people from Akrotiri (that live in Mainland Greece) celebrate the 29th May (St Theodosia’s day) with a great festival in Pireaus (near Athens), St Epiphany’s day is celebrated only in Akrotiri and those from Mainland Greece are taking ferries to visit the island and celebrate with the locals.

The church is private and belongs to Stolida’s (local nickname) family. After Service (before mid-day) the women of the family (they are many!) offer “panigiri”: food special prepared and blessed for this particular day. The food is usually meat, except Wednesdays and Fridays that they prepare fish (that applies to EVERY religious festival in Greece).

Glaros: now.. thats what i call GO LOCAL

May 9, 2011

On your way to the Red Bach you will find one of the first fish restaurants in southern Akrotiri. Its name “glaros” stands for the Seagull; that white bird that accompanies the fishermen.

When Sotirioula (chef and owner) decided to leave the “busy” village and move south, to the “dessert”, she transformed to “mother of the archaeologists”. In her small restaurant everynight you could hear the laughs and songs of those who worked in the excavations of Prehistoric Akrotiri.

Today, years after the last excavation party, she keeps cooking delicious tapas, salads and fish and excellent Greek food with the finest ingredients.

Hm… smells delicious, tastes better!

oh! ps… if you visit the place dont forget to ask for their own wine… an excellent Mezzo made from the family!

@Akrotiri village (down to the RedBeach Road) tel: +30 022860 81168